_wanaseemyribs (_wanaseemyribs) wrote in thintoxication,

Another Mod Post

I am just here to state that thintoxication is a community for people with Eating Disorders to make some friends and feel comfortable sharing their stories.

However this is not a pro ana community. Just because we understand that people dont want to recover doesn't mean we support the fact that they're sick, but we understand their state of mind.

Also we do not glorify the 'ana-goddess' because at least I believe that is hypocritcal. Ana is a disease. Why would we want an 'ana goddess? that is like saying a disease goddess.

Full Frontal nudity is not accepted. I understand it is an art however if it gets out of hand, thintoxication could get shut down and we dont want that. Girls in bikinis or clothed or even in a bra and underwear is accepted . JUST NOT NAKED...thank you

thank you very much and i hope I don't sound rude.. or mean. Please tell me if I do =)

~ Stephanie
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