Star of Morning (star_of_morning) wrote in thintoxication,
Star of Morning

Welcome to Thintoxication ED Support Community!

Thintoxication community screens each person requesting membership approval. If you keep a friends-only journal, we will ask some of our existing members whether they know you and how well you meet the membership requirements.

But please don't be afraid to request membership for fear of being rejected or because you don't know any of our members. If you meet the requirements, you are WELCOME HERE.

We are not an elitist community; these measures are taken to ensure that our members have a safe and private community in which to discuss issues that are important to us without fear of trolls, misconceptions, or wannabe-s.

Don't take it personally if your request was declined - just leave a comment on this entry, because it's not that we don't like you, it's just that we couldn't tell much about you from your LJ info or public journal entries and we want to do our best to keep troublemakers OUT.

Thank you.
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